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Danielle Bologna in Los Angeles

Saturday, August 09, 2008

by Althea R. Shaw

If you missed it, you missed something powerful! Hundreds of people came together! A special thank you goes out to all the people who stood with us today!

Doug McIntyre and his staff did a great job! From beginning to the end, it was great! Thank you Doug and the entire 790-KABC family! Thank you for bringing our families together and bringing all the people together! Who knew it would take, "talk radio", to save lives?

I think every person on earth should meet, Danielle Bologna! She's remarkable! She truly is! I have been sitting here trying to write about today and the connection our families had, but I can't. Danielle and Frank are a blessing to our lives. It's too overwhelming right now. It's been a very emotional day!

I can tell you that our families united within seconds of meeting! It was so perfect because Doug introduced us and then let us talk and cry in private. It was more than a press conference for our families. It's more than just a story. It's so sad and yet it's rewarding, because illegal alien gangbangers are on the way out!

The people are coming together!


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posted by Michael Higby, 8/09/2008 05:35:00 PM


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