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Gavin Update

Monday, February 05, 2007

Time to take a look at what's the latest in the world of San Francisco's Mayor McHottie. Last week was not a good one for him. Maybe this week will be better?

ABC 7 (the LA one not the San Francisco one this time) is reporting that following last week's sex scandal, the Mayor has pledged to "work harder." This is after some recent worrying by Newsom's aides and supporters that the 39 year old mayor - under fire for losing the NFL 49ers football team to neighboring Santa Clara and dating a 20 year old Republican restaurant hostess - might just want to hang it up.

The Kennedy-esque hizzoner can take some solace in a San Jose Mercury News online reader poll in which 60 percent said he should not resign over his affair with his campaign manager's wife and city staffer. On the other hand people in San Jose can't vote in the San Francisco elections.

The Chronicle asks the man on the street if Gavin reflects San Francisco "values." I didn't know there was such a thing.

Of course not to forget LA's own Mayor who seems disturbed Gavin is soaking up the spotlight. The Daily News' Mariel Garza asks the question if Antonio Villaraigosa - who in the last week was working on mid-east peace, global working and investment in the Sudan on top of local potholes and gang violence - is too big for LA?
posted by Mayor Sam, 2/05/2007 12:05:00 AM


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