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Friday Hotsheet

Friday, September 24, 2010

Which way to the Mexican buffet?

Rut-Roh! Fresh from getting a pass from the Justice Department for his pink panties treatment of prisoners, Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio may have gone all Rizzo on us and misspent $80 million dollars of taxpayer money pegged for jail operations on lavish trips abroad, hotel upgrades, and huge restaurant tabs!
Where's that partisan outrage?

-Meg Whitman has stopped spending money long enough to follow tightwad Jerry Brown's lead in finally announcing her opposition to Proposition 23, the Big Oil/Koch Bros backed bill that would put the brakes on AB32. She's against Prop 23....sort of....as long as she can suspend implementation of AB32 until all the bad guys can find a legal loophole to get around it.

Speaking of the Tea Party Puppetmasters, Senatorial candidate Carly Fiorina finds herself in a cozy relationship with the Koch siblings after they sponsored a fundraiser for her in Washington yesterday to help raise funds from the many special interest lobbyists that are looking for a friendly doormat should she win in November.

LA County Supes are stepping up and doing what the state should have done some time ago. Foam containers for food and drinks are being banned at "most county facilities, including restaurants, catering trucks, hospitals, golf courses and concessions" After a trial period, an expansion of the ban will be considered. Plastic Bags next, we hope?

Happy 90th Birthday wishes to Mickey Rooney!
posted by joe barrett, 9/24/2010 10:03:00 PM


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